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ActiveSG Cup 2022

ActiveSG Cup
zujuGP YoungWarrior

zujuGP will be partnering with SportSG in this year's edition of the ActiveSG Cup to award YoungWarrior Scholarships to the most promising footballers in each age category.

Held between November and December 2022, the ActiveSG Cup 2022 will see more than 1,000 youth from ages 9-14 coming together to compete and play.

Competition format

To ensure a fun and competitive environment for all participants, there will be a total of 3 different age groups to enhance the ActiveSG Cup experience.

Qualification for age group is dependent on birth year.

The different age categories are as follows:

Under-10s 5 players + 3 subs 5 players + 3 subs
Under-12s 7 players + 3 subs 7 players + 3 subs
Under-14s 8 players + 3 subs 8 players + 3 subs